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Yamaha 90hp 4 stroke problems

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yamaha 90hp 4 stroke problems

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Previous template Next. Hi I am having trouble with my Yamaha 90 HP 4 stroke missing 2 cyl I swapped out coils problem stayed on 2 I used a timing light on all 4 cylinders all are firing except 2 it is interment I also changed out plug and wire on 2 still same problem can anyone help me thanks in advance. Tags: None. Comment Post Cancel. I am confused if 2 and 3 fire at the same time wouldn't my timing light show a miss on both and I swapped both coils so if it were a bad ground wouldn't it follow the coil to 1 or 4 I did not remove the grounds when swapping thanks again.

Originally posted by Robert63 View Post. Hi again thanks for the advice I checked all the grounds took all plastic covers off all grounds are spotless I also cleaned the battery terminals this is a fresh water boat and looks like it came out of a showroom and I was wrong it is skipping on 1 and 2 any help is appreciated.

Yes all grounds removed and cleaned with wire brush there was nothing to clean but did it anyway I was hopping for a bad ground. I am using a timing light while it is running on each cylinder and you can see 1 and 2 missing 3 and 4 flash constant I do not remove the wires wile it is running I also replaced 2 wire and plug and it made no differance. Thank you now I have to check my carbs and they were rebuilt by a yamaha dealer and charged nice I am glad you are steering me in the right direction I appreciate all your help Thank you.

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We thank you for your patience as we help you access the new site! The Boating Forum. Yamaha 4 Stroke Problems. Thread Tools. Hey guys, My buddy told me about this site and was wondering if anyone could see if they have seen this problem I am having with my Yamaha F 4 stroke. Last fall I was having trouble with my Yamaha F 4 stroke, It was doing a sort of bucking motion when i would give it any more gas that at almost idle speed. So I took it to a Yamaha tech and they replaced the VST filter and then had it winterized, I just recently took it out for the first time this spring and the engine started just fine and ran fine at low speeds, but when I would go to give it gas the engine was just acting lazy.

The boat was having trouble planing and was not reacting fast or having the acceleration or engine power and noise it used to make. The engine has hours on it. Once the boat does plane it doesn't come close to the speed it used to cruise at which was about 36 to 37 mph and now wide open only hit 27 at best. I have talked to a couple people and they can't figure out what would be wrong. Does anyone have any suggestion or has anyone seen this problem before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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yamaha 90hp 4 stroke problems

Find More Posts by Kwlesser. Senior Member. Likes: 3. Received Likes on 88 Posts. My first guess would be a fuel restriction of some type.

Did they check the injectors?Quick links. Mercury 4 stroke fuel problems You know the drill. Boat in the shop for at least 7 weeks of the season so far and a new FSM float switch on order to be installed.

yamaha 90hp 4 stroke problems

Shop says the part is on it's 5th part revision - what does that tell you? And switch failure does not set a code. This isnt caused by ethanol, but by cheap OEM sourcing by Merc.

Next time, it'll be a Honda for me. Cheers, Chris on laDiabla. Last edited by BobG on Fri Sep 14, pm, edited 1 time in total.

Except that the part has undergone minor revisions. You would actually need to know the timeline of those 5 revisions they may have been years apart or they could have been running single batches of each part revision quick patch engineering can get you in trouble if proper QA steps with regression testing are not performed. Thanks for looking at to more impartially than me. I did find the key to the problem on this forum and on Boston Whaler forums. Here's a link to another fellow who had the exact same issue and resolution as me on this very forum.

A prior rant by me was misguided, but defensible in that the shop blamed bad gas cuz it was an easy cop out for them. Cheers, Chris.

2003 Yamaha 90 HP Outboard Won't Rev-up passed 2,500 RPM! FiX

Whether your next engine is a Honda or not, you can still thank Yamaha and Honda for driving Mercury to build a better product. I have done this numerous times with all different products and services,,I do it in a constructive and respectful manor.

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It's amazing what you do get accomplished!!! Just remember the dealers are just a middle man. I know my setup is new enough to handle ethanol, but I have managed to find more pure gas lately and have, and will continue to, only run pure gas from here on if I can get it. Blankety blank government! Ed, Cheryl, Ethan and Aspen. Chesapeake City ,MD. Where is that? Start with customer relations and see where that goes. They ended up sending me to a dealer who was expecting me and they got right on my problemThe Yamaha outboard alarm system can fail just like any other system on your outboard.

Troubleshooting the alarm system includes making sure the horn associated with the alarm works, making sure the warning light comes on and the horn sounds when the oil level drops below acceptable levels and ensuring the warning sounds if the engine overheats. You can even perform the alarm system tests while you are boating. Turn the ignition key to the start position and pull the safety lanyard.

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If the horn is operative, it will sound. Disconnect the pink lead and black lead from the temperature warning sensor on the powerhead. Plug the black lead into the socket for the pink lead.

The temperature warning icon should flash and the horn should sound. Place a clean container large enough to hold the contents of the engine's oil reservoir below the oil reservoir. Remove the glass sight tube from the oil reservoir and drain the reservoir into the container. Start the engine. When the oil goes below the "Add Oil" level, the alarm should sound. Turn the engine off when the alarm sounds, to avoid operating the engine with low oil. Will Charpentier is a writer who specializes in boating and maritime subjects.

A retired ship captain, Charpentier holds a doctorate in applied ocean science and engineering. He is also a certified marine technician and the author of a popular text on writing local history.

Items you will need Clean container. Step 1 Turn the ignition key to the start position and pull the safety lanyard. About the Author.I have been a Yamaha user since the 70s and Im set on em.

2005 Yamaha 4 Stroke Fuel Pump Problems

What are the pros and cons [of 2-stroke vs 4-stroke]? Are there any known problems with either engine? Not an expert, but here are some notes from my own search for repower a couple of years ago: Yamaha 90 2S: light weight, very good reputation. Seemed short on torque in demo. Probably because it is highly stressed to make 90HP with only 70ci.

Yamaha 4S this engine is now rated at 90HP : Pretty heavy at over lb. Smooth as warm honey. Quiet, too. Plenty of torque. Too bad it is carbed. I want EFI in a 4S for the computer management, if nothing else. OMC 90s. Great torque and top end.

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The Evinrude is too heavy. Both were in limbo as to warranty. QC problems. My decision was highly influenced by another Montauk owner who had a Mercury 90 4 stroke and convoyed with a bunch of Montauks with Suzuki's and Evenrude's rebadged Suzuki's]. He wished he had one instead of the Mercury. If you are determined to have a Yamaha, I recommend the 4 stroke carbed F Red sky at night.

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There are two different published weights. Mine weighs lb, but later Johnson literature states it at lb. I have no explanation for the difference. Red sky at night.

Other than that the boat planes and handles just like the 90HP Mercury I had on it prior. I agree that this is the best motor available today for this boat. It does not seem to really be an issue on my boat an 18' Rothbilt [1, lbs.

The Suzuki seems to be a bit lighter although the weights of all these motors seem to be "restated" by the mfrs each year. My Yamaha 80 was originally billed asbut now is billed as or so. As Bigshot said, the Su[author's pet name for engine] was billed atbut Johnson now says more. Who knows?

yamaha 90hp 4 stroke problems

Have you considered dealer support? What about the Mercury 60? Does its lighter weight make sense for you? If you need speed and are set on Yamaha, buy the 90 Yamaha 4-stroke and put the battery in the console to lessen stern weight or just get the Yamaha 90 hp 2-stroke, which is probably the lightest 90 out there although not as strong as the OMC 90 2-Stroke. I really like it and it pushes the boat nicely. I went with the 90 2s for the following reasons.

From what I have read about this engine and have talked to owners of the 90 2s, they are bulletproof. I have heard some on this forum say "antiquated" when refering to the 90 2s to which my reply is "if it ain't broke don't fix it".Which is more reliable and better all around, a Mercury or a Yamaha?

Since I currently have a Mercury on it now, I realize there are additional conversion costs going to a Yamaha. Thanks for your input, Danny. Both are probably excellent performers with superior reliability. Which is better, Ford or Chevrolet? Which is prettier, gray or black? I would choose based upon the availability of a dealer with an excellent reputation for after sale service first and total out the door price second.

Noise level could be a factor all other things being equal. If you like to do your own service work ease of access to service points could also be a minor consideration. Differences in weight are probably unimportant on your Montauk. Fuel burn differences are also unimportant unless you are a commercial waterman putting hundreds of hours per year on your engine. If it was me I'd be looking very closely at an Etec. I have had great luck running Yamahas and Evinrudes on pontoon boats so that is why I was leaning towards switching to something else on my Montauk.

The engine I want to direct your attention to is the latest model, being made for the first time in c. And to provide some help for owner do-it-yourself routine maintenance by having intelligent design of the oil filter location, dipstick location, and fuel filter location. This c. In the HP engines there are two gear case designs available. The absolute lightest weight for this engine is probably in the inch shaft and regular gear case, which is specified as lbs. If you get a longer shaft, the larger gear case, or both, the engine weight probably increases by 5 to lbs, or to a total weight of about to lbs.

The height of the engine cowling has also been significantly reduced from the prior generation models, returning the proportions of this HP toward more normal size for the horsepower.

And the transmission in the gear case has a new designed, so perhaps it won't have that familiar CLUNK when shifting. I don't know what the warranty might be on this model. I couldn't find in the brochure.

How to Troubleshoot a Yamaha 4-Stroke Outboard Motor

Warranty has become something of a marketing tool, so the warranty might depend on when you buy it, what promotions are in effect, what state you buy it in, and other factors. This engine is quite new on the market.From reading the many threads here about this phenomenon, I've discovered there are three ways this breaks: --for some, they never have a problem at all; --for others, they let old fuel sit too long, get the carburetorss cleaned, and it works fine again until they let it sit too long--at least it's a predictable thing that happens to all carburetor outboard engines and yard tools; --the most unfortunate group develop problems early, and a thorough carburetor cleaning only works for a VERY short time, and it happens repeatedly.

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It is the third group I am referencing, and from fishing needles out of the various thread haystackes here I have come up with what I think may be the cause for the problems plaguing group three. I believe these carburetors have a protective coating on their insides, that when compromised, allows phase-separated ethanol or the water drawn in by such to corrode the aluminum.

At this point in the fuel system, all the filtering in the world is worthless, because the there are no more filters between the fuel and the tiny jets and orifices.

So a cleaning gets rid of the debris--for a short time--and then it happens all over again. The handful of marine technicians, that have a true understanding of this problem, end up replacing the pitted float bowls. In the worst case, the carburetor body itself needs replacing. Not very happy news overall for group three. Just a theory as to why. Of the many threads here complaining of problems with these motors, not a single one that I have seen yet, has the original poster returned with a resolution: "fixed it by doing this I'd love to hear what has come of the problematic motors in this family, that readers have struggled with.

I will be relieved to have a Yamaha on the transom as many in the used market have. Some later model Makos have had some problems you may wish to learn about preparatory to your purchase. I believe there is a Mako owners site. A search on THT may also be helpful. He never did say what became of his particular carbureted Mercury FourStroke.

Newt, was your carbureted FourStroke a 70, 90, or ? What became of your motor? Or are you still using it? BTW, is there some inside joke about capitalization of model names?

What am I missing? All other four stroke outboards are referred to on their websites as "four stroke" or "4 stroke". Confused as ever now.